42. 5 days left. Women and people of Texas.

42 calls on the abortion hotline, where I volunteer.  Immediately, bile rises at this senseless inconsideration of our fellow citizens, lack of recognizing their civic/sexual/bodily autonomy.  Even more missing, is support of each other’s eudamonia.  

A few days ago when I was returning calls, I came across 2 extremely rude and unprofessional voicemails.  Per my roommate’s connections within Texas progressive spaces, we were able to immediately put this child, who failed journalistically and respectfully to show ethics and humanity on a HOTLINE for folk who are in a desperate situation.  

Waylon Cunningham called the TEAfund twice on Thursday August 21st and left 2 voicemails from 2 different numbers.  He did not leave a call back number either time. As a hotline volunteer with many more urgent women and clients to speak with, I had to look him up and call the generic Texas Observer hotline. I then called Mr. Cunningham back. The answering machine message was also shockingly rude. As someone who worked at ABC, founded the TV station at Wellesley College and various professional settings, all three of these interactions dismayed me greatly.  Journalistic quality befitting a statewide “progressive” publication was not conveyed at all.  Especially in light of the urgency of our citizens’ healthcare breakdown with the heinous HB5 enacting on 9/1, any unaccountability in progressive efforts is unacceptable.  The most marginalized of our fellow citizens, people of all classes, are being sent into abysmal, unnecessary desperation.  They are our absolute priority and any devaluation of their worth and this work is filth.  


In 5 days, Texas will only have 6/8 women’s health clinics (which provide more than abortions, hello pap smears, birth controls, free check ups, parenthood planning, etc.) for our communities.  I mourn the suppression of citizenship and pray for strength for our collective to come together and fight ignorance, hatred, greed and white children-ness that have made the Texas legislature their filthy playpen.


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