A-AAPI mental health resources

Here’s a list of methods I’ve observed friends, acquaintances, myself utilize in Asia and the United States.

Especially in these times, suffering and pain are extremely ordinary.  The stigma for recognizing and working with mental health and illness sucks.

Not all are mental health specific, as health is not fragmentable.  We here will use mental health as a starting point to look.  I have observed that political engagement (there’s a real element of political pain that drives great work and I’m glad the therapeutic industry is connecting the dots and talking politics) , working in teams, leadership, spiritual training, community organizing, exercise, love/lust…anything that requires connection requires us to get responsible with our pain.  To heal, let the wound breath. And when you do let it out, let it out in safe, intentional spaces to process.

1. my mind/suffering/liberation is part of

2. our mind/suffering/liberation is part of

3. absolute mind/suffering/liberation.

It’s impossible to be perfect, especially as we have subconscious/conscious/superconscious levels of mind, and our habitual reactions of aversion/craving are lifetimes deep.  So how do we cultivate the energy of compassion (not simply cognitive/emotional empathy), wisdom and mindfulness?

Goal and process of healing: cultivate compassionate awareness for yourself, others, animals, plants, earth.  Energetically, emotionally, physically, communally, non-verbally, spiritually, mentally, politically.  


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Hong Kong:

  • Seems like churches and feminists circles are the sites of healthier healing. And lots of herbal soup stores.


  • Fembooks bookstore in Taipei
  • LesLoveBoat has a queer Iching and tarot service that functions as a confessional/secular/queer safe space for a society that still has mental illness as a major taboo.
  • Taiwan Tongzhi (lgbt) hotline:  gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) organization in Taiwan. Hotline is dedicated to achieve equality and provide resources for the LGBT community through creating public dialogue and gender inclusive sexuality education.


  • Grow a plant. Care for something since seedlings.
  • Write in a diary daily.
  • Make something with your hands.  What did your ancestors do?  We’re losing our bodies’ tactile and kinesthetic wisdom by not using.
  • Eat something healthy.  Do non-analysis things.
  • Write letters to people you’re working through tough communications with. Don’t hurry to send them. Confrontation, celebration, all require contemplation.
    • A nun once taught me that a healthy conversation requires 3 conditions and to hold your tongue until these conditions are present:
      • Is this space safe for all involved?
      • Is the other party ready to listen?
      • Do you know what you intend to communicate?
  • Eat compassionately. Tend towards vegetarian. How our food was processed/killed/ended its life affects the consumer. We are creatures y’all. Use your discretion, be mindful that you’re connected to all sentient beings.
  • Travel.  Go home–wherever that may be. And with bullshit immigration laws and xenophobia preventing this healing practice, fight for all people and animals to move as needed.
  • Meditation Practice: Sattiphana Sutta on the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness and a funny F*CK THAT! Guided Meditation.
  • Temple/Mosque/Church: some folks find a faith practice helps root them in a community and calming routine.
  • Exercise: tennis, push ups, weight lifting, yoga, marathons, P90x, jump rope, tai-chi, qi-gong…translate that potential energy into kinetic energy.
  • Chill in nature and hang with animals.
  • Talk to your friends. But they aren’t your therapists. Especially women and people of color, queer folks…especially Black women. Ask if it’s ok because they said so after an explicit agreement…pay them (in cash or something useful) if you’re going to treat them like a therapist. Keep that relationship balanced.
  • Talk to your family, blood/chosen, whichever is healthiest.
  • Routine technology, political and social media sabbaths. Unplug. Then unplug your mind.
  • Vipassana Retreats: secular, free lodging and food, 10 days.
  • Co-Dependents Anonymous: especially when you’re low on funds/access, these groups can be quite beneficial as listening spaces without judgement.
  • Landmark Education: starts with the Forum which is $$$. It’s a breakthrough course that offers gestalt training to examine your living and paradigms in new ways for new actions. Communication courses are top notch.
  • Lush Cosmetics: Fresh handmade cosmetics that’s got human rights, animal rights and environmental causes as it’s company goal and a slight anti-capitalist tendency. Feel good, smell good, do good (as much as a company can).


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