irrepressible dreams & fireworks

Lenape Land, in a wavering summer 2017

outside there are pops and explosions of fireworks, police sirens interrupting mothers ushering their kids home. coarse celebrations of white terror, empire and vampiric independence (white on white crime!?).

remembering that not all fireworks are reprehensible. used in the right hands, they are guardians.  i am remembering the wisdom of security to set off fireworks at night to ward off surveillance aircraft that flew over Oceti Sakowin.  lying there, the sounds of planes and pops, the sounds and cold currents of air dispersing over us.

that was the last time i felt safe in this land. on this side of the 太平洋 ocean.

i am left remembering one of my fathers, 洪家富,洪會長 who warned me off playing with fireworks. we were living in his home in 淡水。he told me to stay away from the indulgence of fireworks, which amerikans liked too much.  an instantaneous burst and a waste of energy.

remembering 會長,remembering Oceti Sakowin and serving as a medic there with B.A…all i can remember is this pain in my chest, how this empire has taken the lives of so many fathers and family and friends i’ve loved.

what is the path back home?

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