黃真真 12.2014  | 鄭敏昌  12.2015  |  B.A. 12.2016



when we shared islands, we breathed with quiet, reverence and incredible sweetness on islands.  this 6th ocean work has my breath. undrowning has been impossible…

i miss you all so much.  洪會長 8.2014. Sobonfu Somé 1.2017  greatest teachers were temporarily human, just to transmit a message.

at the eastern edge of this island.  when i fall, the ocean will receive me finally into forms…


i have been experiencing rising tide doubts about anthro-supremacy that Buddhism espouses.  that to be human is the best form.  to be a man, even better.  that dangerous will towards simplification. there is a cleaving off of the feminine, to transcend over.  is that why the induction of women into the sangha was said to end the enlightenment even sooner?


been researching: can a snake poison itself with venom?  百步蛇 is one of the most poisonous species in the world. my ancestor, our god. purified, the poison is used to cure heart attacks.  what kills can cure.  so is what’s killing us, purified…will it turn into curing us?


how does water free herself?


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