coda: interview with a master

so many conversations lately on calling with my wise older sisters. what we continue, what fate we resign ourselves to…how to travel lighter and lighter…how be that pause between breaths.

in the pause, i feel the raking in of the love that bloomed and busted in spring-summer, the composting weight of dreams of many more seasons, the stretching of germinating seeds.

Benjamin Clementine, Condolences

So that when I become someone one day

I’ll always remember I came from nothing

No wonder why you’ve been buggering me

Cause this walk it’s a previous journey

And no wonder why the road seem so long

Cause I have done it all before

And I won

three times, people urged me to watch the Chef’s Table episode on Jeong Kwon. this last time, with a sore and joyful heart, i watched this Bhikkuni radiate a life joyfully devoted to the triple gem’s true freedom.

it’s been a summer of reconciliation with my mother, who gave me a mold of Dizang Pusa. she’s bringing me along to meet with a Master in the mountains where i first learned to meditate. how do i prep besides prayer for this interview?

after a time of being held in reflection/unable to accelerate ahead or away, i wonder: what is the work, the gift in re-direction? exploring this push, watching what pushes within.

breath in. pause.

breath out. pause.

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