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got accepted to go train for 6 months this weekend and saw my mother off. #Blessed

The timing is amazing, head monk, Master DaHeng, is a rare monk with incredible openness and global world view. He doesn’t force traditions, rather insists on bringing the heart, the original spirit into whatever form fits. He’s about to go on sabbatical too so isn’t trying to take on new work. Originally he wasn’t so sure to meet with me, but we found out that we had so many serendipitous shared traits such as a philosophy background and an affinity with and determination to bring dharma to oppressed peoples in the spirit of Dizang Pusa. He’s willing to reason with me directly and dialogue, which is rare among big masters. In fact, he’s agreed to mentor me directly since he sees I could become a great translator.

Gratitude yes, and looking forward to decolonizing and humble and honest inquiry🙏🏽

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