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It’s one of those days when my life changed and it feels so good and natural. Bless 地藏菩薩. Woke up because auntie kept snoring thru the night and wanting to go before Buddha to repent for my capitalist misdemeanors—greed and delusion for an illusory me living an illusory life. Asked Bodhisattva to bless me to have a way to 出家 with all my failings. Morning outing with Master DaHeng and HuiKeng to the cow farm. Never saw a cow take refuge before until today.

Great 4 hour talk with Rei Shifu and then with Sheng Shifu joining later. Appreciate the questioning around respecting tradition—we haven’t really brought care or xin into modernity, nor was it perfect in older times forming tradition, yet informing can be critical.

Then stinky tofu and “he zi” courtesy of Master DaHeng. Then hospice talks with Master HuiKung

Along with my carrot potato hash browns—which Jiaqing and Han Shifu asked for seconds :)—I’m excited to offer Texas jalapeño apple pie Wednesday. Going to make a salty one for Juehua shifu cuz her glucose regulation isn’t amendable to sweets. She’s like an ant, tiny and totally able to lift.

New word learned today: 足弓 zu gong—foot arch (learned from Sheng Shifu when conveying I needed arch support for my flat feet)

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