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Astonishing, a week has passed. So much learned. 大寮duty ends tomorrow lunch.

Sutzu ayi is such a blessing to meet at this path–she brought me clothes and two more jingren outfits since they don’t have my size here.  She told me that 覺觀師 is a good person to be trust to and keep a low profile that 睿師父 hears all. 睿師父 seems to like me though, for the 屏東 connection and our father’s influencing our 出家 and our 地藏菩薩 wishes.

That jealousy happens because a lot of people here see 大師父 as their special mentor. Tbh I told her I observed as much and that no one here had really done anything as terrible as I’ve seen outside. She said in sutras jealousy and feelings are what leads to our reincarnation as women. Well I def got the feelings part. Sutzu ayi said she was also a justice fighter before but now sees 因緣緣起 as a deeper balance and equilibrium. And that there were many shifus here before but left because the labor left little time for practice. Dashifu May be going to the states next October (New York City and Boston!!)…

Dashifu’s master apparently had 神童 and was very community oriented, went to the jails for example. He didn’t get to hear a lot of dharma so he left to study himself. He chose the path of wisdom. Somehow hearing that encourages me…

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