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Today, Zheng Di Shifu, the Hong Konger 糾察師父 for these last two weeks of 佛30, pulled me aside for a funny conversation. (Temple humor is starting to grow on me…) She has a distinct warble and her Mandarin sounds like she’s exclaiming something.

These days, she’s often reprimanding me for walking out of order of seniority or closing the door too loudly. In all things, checking my pride and practicing being considerate to the 修行 of everyone in this shared environment, such as other Shifus studying or the uneasy ghosts in the hunger realm bothered by the sound of chopsticks clanking too loudly against each other.

She accosted me after meditation one day to ask me why I didn’t bow when I walked through a door someone had opened for me (which I did, but she didn’t see) and then ask:

“Did you fall asleep during morning meditation today?”

“I don’t think so, why?”

“Because I noticed that you can sleep without moving! Most people will nod off visibly but you sit there so still until you suddenly wake up and shake yourself. You are harder to catch!”

I laughed, “Shifu, that’s cuz my mom used to wake my sister and I up at ungodly hours to meditate. So we had lots of practice. You can blame her when she visits.”


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