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I’m making roti canai today, but feeling simmering anger at the election results as I throw the dough. This whole year has been a wheelbarrow of being shocked by entrenched conservativism and busting up my own idealization of Taiwan’s progressivism. How are you gonna not move to de-nuclearize while voting to stop food imports from Fukushima? How is it humane to deny children education on gender and sexuality? And while I’ve never been a fan of marriage and very skeptical of hanging hopes on marriage equality, the near lack of discourse around trans* issues in the Taiwanese mainstream + this blathering bullshit vote against gay rights has been devastating to see. All while living in a temple that has seniors who subtly mention Confucian based morality of how this is a destabilty for society if it passes. Bro, what society we gonna have when global warming is gonna flood our island?


Anyways, a little cuteness today in the kitchen//How nuns flirt:


Don’t say such things, this is just a momentary form!

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