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Elections: Well, do I simply want westernization in a yellow color? Or am I still committed to undoing it all?

Contemplating, in my previous chapters of life: what were moments of liberation for me?

Why am I even holding onto this without a future?

Had a talk with my NZ nun friend. Her thoughts came across as a bit conservative, but I kept letting that go to listen. She said, that Taiwanese society doesn’t see that Westernization as progress. A gay parade is a skinful moral decline by confucian ideals. When I brought up again that Kuan Yin was seen by some queer people in the west as a queer Bodhisattva she responded that Kuan Yin is not transsexual. Buddha’s and bodhisattvas take on any form to liberate others.

Yes, indeed, moving beyond anthropomorphicness. But in this answer that obviates a western framing of gender, can we acknowledge another pertinent question? What is the suffering behind this wanting?

Focus: All things towards liberation.

In this questioning, I am dealing with the greed. Remembering how I felt a deep frustration with the piecemeal resolutions. And the increasing 煩惱 of working even for justice.

Move as water moves…softly through the shards.

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