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Worked on bio last night with 慧心, the fancy auntie (she a triple Taurus, we bonded over Taurus effortfulness) who’s great 文筆. Remembering the poems of women in therigatha, Tang Dynasty to women journalists and poets of the contemporary time…I am so lucky to have this 福德 to write this Chinese bio. 性玓師 has been helping me decipher and recopy the text.

Prayed to 地藏菩薩 for memory for the foundation dharanis and mantras to memorize…and my dream was meeting a old brown ascetic laughing in a loincloth in a convention center (which I exited after washing clothes in an apartment then a restaraunt)…I bowed to him and he taught me to switch my feet for energy during the full prostration…and then to another ascetic like a tulku. Holding a white meditation guru scarf…

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