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Venerable Father with Ajahn Chah discussion. I like this q&a format.

覺仁師—in answering the issue of westerners seeking intimacy. “Uncertainty!”

Appreciate our conversations and connections around language translating Buddhist terms for comprehension…and that she understood that I was trying to understand what was the missing quality between teachers and students, according to Tsongkhapa’s commentary.

Had to hit jingyuan today. I really loathe hitting dogs but he’s misguiding jingnian, a stray puppy who’s at great risk of being given away if he doesn’t learn to abide by temple protocol.

Maybe instead of monkey mind, it’s jingnian and jingyuan mind(or wild horse). Gotta teach who’s the boss, and correct for past behaviors. What is real contrition and repentance? Tbh, I see dharma in dog training, the necessity of training our habits and the deep and difficult reconditioning…

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