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Been drinking Ca++ for a month and had a trial of sprained and swollen wrists, detoxification that rendered digestion a bit…off for a couple of weeks. These “fun” powdery folk medicines only available in the nun networks. Though now out of production due to the Fukushima incident contaminating the oceans.

I’ve been taking this sick leave to extendedly contemplate…what I hope to get done here. Even tucked away on bedrest, the mercurial weather patterns are in full effect. I imagine the horror of dried out riverbeds that line the train tracks along the eastern shore. These imbalances that have no redress…in this “spiritual community.” The pointless cultivation and weeding of gardens here, when the world is burning. Jarringly, this strange continual comfortable control… when this next decade, barring drastic pivots and decolonizing land and water relations, quelling industrial destruction, we as a species are choosing between catastrophe and maneagable crisis…I really wonder why, why, why? Where? How?

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