Interlude: temple memories and new diaries

Notes from last convos with friends in this time of departure into retreats for the next years. Will see about updates when I get my phone to speak with my sister in Kenya occasionally:

Dear friend🙏🏼,

I’ve been told by many monastics that my activism will have to take a backseat for a long while…and that my friendships and social engagement aren’t compatible with this monastic life…it hasn’t been done before but I hope to remain deeply engaged even if not often in conversation but in a new deep feminine communication with friends…like this isn’t the era of the lonely male sage anymore, but the era of shared wisdom in feminine channels.

Please pray for courage, wisdom, steadfast vision and feminine honoring androgynous Buddhism to stay and grow through me and writing🙏🏼

I guess what I’m feeling is that a real truth or principle is accessible but has depth. You amount you get out of it at a given time is the amount you’re ready for…

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