temple erotica

by 伊凌 yi ling

it’s a thing! this kind of kink is absolutely fun and amazing stories to chronicle. 2 temples, too many stories. power dynamics, seniority, subversive queerness, repressive traditions and religiosity, queer intimacy hidden and overt.

thanks to my dear friend in barcelona, i’ll be writing and pitching these tales to an exciting new mag. love you maria josé ❤ always inspiring me to flip out the holodex and stay slutty with words.

on another hand, it’s not been fun getting hit and then having seniors deny all wrongdoing…been casting off the box of “Taiwanese” an attachment I’d never loosen without this environment and challenges. I had a love and romance with the notion of Taiwan from amazing spiritual relationships in tennis and Buddhism. But this year and specifically this temple with it’s intense all Hokkien words, elders, and very pro-Taidu stance have made me seriously step into a dissonant realm of relating to Taiwanese’ness. going to go off to the eastern shore and sit with all that’s happened the last few months and try to make sense and recalibrate forward.