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@Amanda thank you for always pushing me to think better about spiritual and material debts for my economics of karma development. And of course just affirming my taurus ♉️ ain’t just hedonism. Following stories to come after finishing the kneeling and IKAM with @Maria José

◦ Noodle propitiation

◦ Potato chips repentance//temple training of stuff you singularly with your greedily loved food endlessly to train you out of attachment (is capitalism is a punishment?)

◦ Coffee salt reparations

◦ No titty apologies

◦ Two scarf returns

◦ Pie 🥧 for Handkerchief

On another note, thinking a lot of writing stuff with @Crop Top on anti chinese nationalism of the 4 tiger 🐯 economy and how thats colonizing af to think y’all retain real chinese culture while denying chinese blood 🩸. Same and especially based off Japanese 🇯🇵 imperialism model and western supremacy is not unlocked. 👀 Ing at Hong Kong and middle upper class Taiwan fakas

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