the practice vs. the divine

reading about the Therigatha vs. Augustine’s confessions really struck me how the more masculine and Christian method was to seek a divine beyond oneself to look within, while the enlightened nuns sought their inner (re)source for wisdom and purification and did not attach to a sense of self except for narrative purposes.

we have been receiving higher level cleaning training and inspections, so again when this morning, cleaning the Buddha hall, the overseer shifu reminded me to clean the hall well since many spirits came to practice with us. In a way, this job was being the Buddha’s assistant.

I joked, “can’t they come clean with us?”

she said, “Amitofo! no, they don’t have a body, that’s the opportunity for you in the human realm! as you clean well, you’ll be rewarded with beauty/nobility of appearance in the future lives.”

I responded, “So would Buddhism say the divine is in the details?”

Master Moon responded, “We only believe practice is in the details.”

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