It’s irritating af to see Taiwanese self praise their government’s coronavirus response despite complete lack of amnesty or strong labor protections. Sure more masks are being produced tho intensely rationed and sent first to the medical and working frontlines, but is that really a world class response? Nah.

We just had the 45th case reported, which was a domestic worker. Of course this population, especially the undocumented sector is majorly under reporting their illness and not receiving proper care, for fear of deportation. And yet, they are most endangered for infection given their legal status makes their labor for short term contracts cheapest. They’re the ones taking the Taiwanese elders to the hospitals and dealing with the vastest array of bodily fluids and fecal matters. I’ve been thinking a lot about how endangered the Taiwanese worker is (due to government controlled unions under martial law that were never fully torn down and remade and radicalized out of their prior surveillance state serving purposes) and how passive cruelty (thinking of Lauren Berlant’s work of Cruel Optimism and just skimmed Sarah Ahmed’s the Promise of Happiness and 😯 🤩 wowwwww) operates in a collaboration between capitalist liberal nation state building and a colonizing religious scape of “meritocracy” via Taoist and folk deity worship or even Buddha worship…and results in blatant and racist and classist policy/lack of care for the very care givers….

If there are articles on this analysis of Coronavirus and capitalism and the burden on the worker and labor borders is out there, I’d really dig reading some.

And in other news, seeing parallels in the politicking with liberal denialism and some temple practices. Of course, I love and learn from and benefit from the intensive care that’s a little…theatrical when it’s all about constant reminders to spray everything down with alcohol and wear face masks and change them up. There’s a bit of self advantageous fear mongering to keep folks from traveling…and I feel irritated with how middle class this all feels.

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