May my life be a song, comforting in sorrow, celebratory in joy, and accompaniment to human elegance and beauty.


Current questions

How does this 弟弟 soften hearts so with his smiling being? How does he hold his sorrow about his papa being in jail?  How do Taiwanese boys grow so sweet and how shall this next generation grow in a good way?

Recent love

finding Yuan Moon Peach Taiwanese made wash

Grateful for

love, transitional housing and rebalancing in this Amis auntie’s home

Current sound

Mujeres Malas (feat. Li Saumet, La Yegros, Kombilesa Mi, La Bermúdez, Nani Castle & Monica Carrillo) by Magín Díaz


old journals of yi ling

Current flavor

tainan high mountain tea

Looking forward to

selling these loafers and ending that chapter of coerced mercantilism

Reading wishlists

 amazon    +    thriftbooks

3 wishes for home

  1. connecting with an amazing agent for cultivating “xin: why we are dying” multilingual transnational reach
  2. a quiet, serene, secure home for the next book, tea ceremonies and kitchen chortles
  3. neck kisses as soft and sparkly as the starlight leaping between our ocean and sky