May my life be a song, comforting in sorrow, celebratory in joy, and accompaniment to human elegance and beauty.

January 14, 2018

Current questions

How do I lock this door right when these cafe cats have serious locksmith skills?  Why do oranges taste so sweet in winter? Who’s racing bikes at midnight?

Recent romance

receiving an Amis grandma made, traditional waterproof hat

Grateful for

queer auntie network coming through with the wisdom, job connects and love all around the world

Current sound-consciousness mixtape

 Miling’an by Resres


Conflict is Not Abuse by Sarah Schulman

Current flavor

chocolate covered grape gummies

Looking forward to

Solace of Music: Shared Memories of Contemporary Taiwanese Songs @ National Museum of Prehistory

Reading wishlists

 amazon    +    thriftbooks

3 wishes

  1. connecting with an amazing agent who cultivates “xin: why we are dying” multilingual transnational reach
  2. finding the sanctum to stay in for the next writing births
  3. finding queer writer communities in this new place