It’s irritating af to see Taiwanese self praise their government’s coronavirus response despite complete lack of amnesty or strong labor protections. Sure more masks are being produced tho intensely rationed and sent first to the medical and working frontlines, but is that really a world class response? Nah. We just had the 45th case reported,Continue reading “COVID 19”

new year

the stupa opens tomorrow, and so does another new year. how fortuitous to round the same spiraling route from a few months ago, to now on maitreya’s birthday, studying yogacara, bowing to our root teacher, with the sun, star and moon teaching me, illuminating the path through darkness to the brightness and tranquility of trueContinue reading “new year”


reflection from 預修班,led by Master Moon 月師父  I believe this short phrase “seeking the highest Buddha path, sharing the illumination with fellow sentient beings” illustrates the ontology and teleology of the Bodhisattva path. I think this is about the proper path and practice of kinship in all worlds and times. Practicing kinship means cultivating relationalityContinue reading “上求佛道,下化眾生”