New Intention

So I quit my job. I’m daring myself to become the organizer I dream of and didn’t dare to reach for with my heart until now. Inspired from some rad AAPI feminists….Grace Lee Boggs–philosophy/praxis/dialetics/living to dismantle anti-Blackness. AC–elegance in moving across spaces, generous funding, advocacy and openness to bringing new energy in. AS–a commitment to workingContinue reading “New Intention”

The View from the front, The View from the back.

On Thursday September 4th, ABC Television Network announced that Rosie Perez (and Nicolle Wallace) would be new hosts on the 18th season of The View.  This means that the View’s host lineup will have 4 co-hosts, Whoopi, Rosie O., Nicolle and Rosie P. In sum, the View has 2 white women, 1 Black woman, 1Continue reading “The View from the front, The View from the back.”

42. 5 days left. Women and people of Texas.

42 calls on the abortion hotline, where I volunteer.  Immediately, bile rises at this senseless inconsideration of our fellow citizens, lack of recognizing their civic/sexual/bodily autonomy.  Even more missing, is support of each other’s eudamonia.   A few days ago when I was returning calls, I came across 2 extremely rude and unprofessional voicemails.  PerContinue reading “42. 5 days left. Women and people of Texas.”