Support the translation for xin: why we are dying

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Hi there,

The hope, the dream, the vision is for this book in our grandmas’, mothers’, aunties’, sisters’ hands, and we will stop being simply fictions and impossibilities to ourselves and our communities and the “mainstream.”  Please support this grassroots work of editing, translation into Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese, the appendix of questions.  Much love, and power and 平安 to you and your dears.

There’s never been a better time to be fiercely, fully, extremely you, in your truths.  May we be 一心一意,同心協力in the endeavor of truth-telling, just living, and kind moving.

xin: why we are dying, a memoir about the spirituality and silences of feminine friendships.  to come soon with x publisher and then 2nd printing with Third Women Press.