xin updates

dear friends, comrades, readers,

this post has taken me so long to write, and i apologize for the delay in the updating. the book progress was halted for much of 2018-2019 my entire citizenship was thrown into question and destability. lots of moving around , physically and psychically, and trying to push the book ahead was met with constant roadblocks, basic living and housing was hard to secure. I spent a good deal of funds from the collective contribution paying for sample translations done by femme, nb, womyn, indigenous/Taiwanese but none of them could get the spirit of the work.

at this point, I’ve found perhaps with the Pluto-Saturn Capricorn Conjunction that things are coming to the surface. a long standing family inheritance of heart illness has surfaced the last year. at the same time, I’ve enrolled myself in a xin – intensive study/healing in atayal lands to get my chinese up to par to write it myself, and root down to write from this heart space while hoping to heal at the same time.

please stay tuned! my promise to deliver the medicine to y’all is still alive, just with a mending heart. stay blessed, let’s grow well in the tumultuous times ❤

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